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What Can I Do With My Pharmd

Basically any operating division of the Department of Health and Human Services has multiple roles that pharmacists fill, and then there are quite a few other areas that have clinical roles. There are literally hundreds of different position types that pharmacists can fill in the federal government. 6. level 2. Some of the prerequisites would likely be "waived" due to your PharmD.

You could do medical writing. I know that typically can lead to a career to industry. I do CE for MD, RN and PharmD and I get to meet a lot of people in the industry as a result. The problem is. A PharmD program trains students for careers as pharmacists. The curriculum primarily focuses on gaining knowledge of the biological sciences with a clinical component that teaches future pharmacists to be health care providers; whereas, a PhD in a pharmacy-related topic is more research focused and gives students the opportunity to pursue their own original.

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